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Men Image Styling


Module 1:
Appropriate Dressing

Module 2:
Discover your Personal Style

Module 3:

Module 4:

Art of Accessorizing

During the first week of your journey with us, discover your image goals & style agendas. Assessment of your style preferences, and lifestyle needs. Get to learn the practical strategies to dress appropriately & attractively for every event in your life.

Discover your style aesthetics and develop your signature personal style. You'll learn various styling strategies & 'mix &match' techniques to elevate your outfits. Gain a deep understanding of 'Visual Communication of clothes' & get to know various dress codes.

Expert faceshape analysis. Receive guidance on the best haircut, hairstyles & beard styling for your face shape. Advice on skincare, haircare & perfume 101.

Get to know the best accessory styles according to your face shape & personal style. (Spectacles & Sunglasses, Shoes, Ties, Watches, Belts & other accessory styling techniques)

And learn how to select, coordinate, and style different accessories.

You'll receive complete resource material for future reference! 

Investment: ₹7,500/-

Pls note: "Art of First Impressions & communication skills" and "Mastering Powerful Body Language" are offered as separate modules. Should you wish to combine these modules, there will be an additional fee of ₹1500 (each).

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