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Graphic Designer

Personal Branding

Module 1: Self-Discovery & Brand Identity

  • Use of psychometric test for self-discovery.

  • Goal-setting.

Module 2: Crafting an effective brand plan

  • Market Research

  • Developing target audience

  • Creating brand distinction

  • Building an action plan

  • Brand positioning

  • Creating a compelling brand statement

Module 3: Skill Development

  • Developing a persuasive elevator's pitch

  • Effective communication & Public speaking skills

  • Identifying good networks

Module 4: Online Presence & Social Media Strategy

  • Creating a social media calendar.

  • Creating content strategy.

  • Strategizing for social media growth.

Module 5: Appearance Enhancement

  • Create a style authentic to your personal brand.

  • Learn the art of power dressing.

  • Ace your look everytime with our strategies.

Investment: ₹25,000                           

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